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2023 RT energy outlet

A Battery Tender Jr won’t be “acknowledged” by the bike as a charger and won’t work by means of the accent outlet.

Shortly after I purchased my RT, I believed charging by means of the outlet can be handy, however I felt the BMW charger was overpriced. So I purchased a Twin Program Optimate 4, which is acknowledged by the bike and may work by means of the outlet. It has additionally been used on my automobiles, compact tractor and different bikes.

The Optimate got here with a number of interchangeable connectors – the DIN 4165 plug for the outlet, a cigarette lighter plug and battery clamps. All of them hook up with the charger wire with an SAE connector. Switching to/from BMW mode requires shorting the clamps.

After doing the little dance a number of instances (change the tender into BMW mode, swap connections, plug into socket, ignition on, plug in energy, ignition off) I simply skipped all that and put a fused SAE lead on all my batteries. No connectors to swap, no modes to vary, simply plug it in. It is loads easier and extra dependable. You probably have even a short energy outage, charging by means of the outlet could not resume till you cycle the ignition once more.

SAE leads are low cost and can be used to energy tire inflators, heated gear, a powered tank bag, and many others. I discover the lead way more helpful than the accent outlet.

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